Need Letterpress Inspiration? Check our Pinterest boards!

We’re on Pinterest and we love it! With an endless flow of beautiful work and letterpress inspiration it can be hard to ever leave Pinterest at times. Letterpress work thrives on this social network and we love to see the work of our peers come to light and be appreciated by everyone. letterpress inspiration

What We’re Pinning

We pin about what we love and what inspires us daily. To keep our letterpress craft top notch, we are inspired and saturate ourselves with work by top players in the industry. You’ll find fun boards about the latest letterpress trends like Neon Letterpress and hang rendered typography. That being said, we’ve been known to kick it old school on the interwebs as well, bringing to light much historical information about the letterpress craft. Letterpress inspiration can come from anywhere, so you may notice our boards are fairly varied :). We hope you get excited about letterpress when following our pins and even learn a  thing or two. Here’s our board dedicated to the platen style letterpress. platen letterpress


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