Moving our Letterpress Machine

We recently found out that moving our letterpress machine is quite the undertaking. We were fortunate enough to find our first press, lovingly named Big Boy, in Huntington Beach, CA. It’s fairly rare to find a letterpress machine in California, so we jumped at the opportunity to purchase. A few days later we were coordinating the big move South with the fine folks at QP Equipment. It arrived on a Saturday evening, and we hoped the process would be quick so that we wouldn’t be disturbing an event going on in our shared space. This ended up not being the case, however, and we would like to thank all of the fine people at 3rdSpace for their patience with our loud noise during their event.

press arrival

Overall, the process took about 6 hours from the arrival of the press on its trailer to its final resting place. We used everything from blocks & pulleys to brute force to get the press off of the trailer. Unfortunately, we had to deal with two steps from the alley into the garage. This proved treacherous and quite the feat once all was said and done!

moving letterpress

Darkness fell, and we were still hammering away trying to inch this 2400lb beast into the garage. It was stressful, to say the least! But of course, well worth it in the end.

cleaning letterpress

We spent the next couple of days seriously cleaning the press, as it was covered in unknown filth and grime. After a WD-40 bath and some elbow grease scrubbing with steel wool, Big Boy was left shining and clean. Moving our letterpress is done; now it is ready for action!

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  1. Sarah

    WOW… what a move!

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