Letterpress Printing on our New Letterpress Machine

Out with the old, in with the new!

We’ve recently upgraded our primary letterpress printing press to an 8×12 Chandler & Price. Once she was delivered, cleaned and oiled up, we had to get something on press right away…

Looking around the shop, we uncovered some vintage wood type that was perfect to bring the press to life with. Next, we mixed up a custom blood colored ink using our oil based printing inks. This was the perfect color to pump life in the veins of the new press! Our simple typographic composition was all set to print. The ink went on smooth as we foot pumped the press using a treadle. What’s more green than that?! The press can run completely without electricity, it’s really amazing to see. The final outcome of this first run hangs proudly on the walls of our space and motivates us to move the business forward swiftly, bringing San Diego custom, hand pressed creations.

new letterpress printing machine

Here’s the press all inked up with our custom “blood” ink.

letterpress printing


After creating that beauty, we just couldn’t stop. Next up was another motivational wood type setup. A mantra to get business started. LET’S DO WORK. An aspirational blue color was hand mixed to bring even more color and vibrancy to our walls. Here’s a quick video of Ray cranking these out!

Let's Do Work wood type print



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