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The Press

Born in 1909, our press has been around the block. She is All-American, originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, before making the long journey west to Huntington Beach, California. The press weighs in at a whopping 1,800 pounds! This massive size made its most recent move up to Sacramento quite a challenge! You can read about that adventure here. She’s been dubbed “little girl” (despite her robust womanly figure) and runs “green” on pure manpower. At the moment, we are utilizing the original foot pedal to power this baby up, as opposed to running her on a motor. More on that later.

Our Press is classified specifically as an old style letterpress machine. Compared to the newer style, the old series is more ornate looking and vintage. The beautiful, curved spokes on the flywheel are an easy giveaway for recognizing the old style presses. The print quality between the two styles is equal, leaving it down to the press operators to choose beauty or brawn. We chose beauty in this case.

We’ve written a full blog post with more press history and great vintage factory photographs, enjoy! Read Blog Post.

new letterpress machine


Now that you’ve learned about our press, see how we put it to use! We combine many old & modern methodologies to craft beautiful prints on paper.

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