Meet the Printers

LadyBird Letterpress is the husband & wife team of Ray and Lyndee Sensenbach. We are driven by art, design and nature. LadyBird Letters was our original flagship store which pioneered us into the letterpress business. We originally started with carving linocut designs into wood or rubber and hand pressing our creations onto paper and cards. Ray had learned this process during his printmaking classes as a graphic design student at San Diego State University. It became a craft for us to do together, and we loved to come up with funky designs, mostly inspired by the outdoors. In the end, Ray used this linocut printing technique (and his smooth moves) to propose to Lyndee on November 10, 2012.

When it came time to create our personal wedding invitation suite, we knew that we wanted our invitations to be completely hand crafted by us. This led us to think of letterpress. As Ray had been introduced to this craft in college, we were able to pursue the idea with the help of our good friend Brittany Fox. We had the privilege to design and letterpress print our entire wedding suite together. At this time, LadyBird Letters became LadyBird Letterpress and we were addicted. Now a few presses of our own and years later, the rest is history!

We print all of our work using a 1909 Old Style Chandler & Price platen letterpress machine. She tips the scales at nearly 1800lbs. Pure, heavy American-made steel has kept this machine running like clockwork for over 100 years.

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