Chandler and Price Factory Photos

Made in the USA

While browsing our favorite letterpress community forum, Briar Press, we happened upon a little corner of letterpress history. The Chandler and Price company was the manufacturer of our own press, which added to our peaked interest in the subject.

Surprisingly little is known about the Chandler and Price company whom are estimated to have produced about 100,000 presses in their time. Our press is over 100 years old itself, having certainly stood and conquered the tests of time.

We of LadyBird Letterpress really value the “Made in America” culture. We’ve been happily watching and participating in the current resurgence of consumer’s care of this matter. There’s really no better way to boost the economy of our own country than to spark the flames of entrepreneurism and small business’.

This interesting set of photos is said to have been printed from 100 year old glass negatives. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did! Cheers.

New chandler and price letterpress machines ready to ship

Chandler and Price Letterpress Factory

letterpress machines c&p

Chandler and Price press prepared for shipping

Moving a letterpress machine

Did you find these images as beautiful as we did? Do you have more information on the history of the Chandler and Price press company? Let us know in the comments below! Chirp.

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