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Relocating to Sacramento!

We’re heading up North to the Sacramento area! Over the next few weeks we will be packing up and shipping out press and materials. These will be set back up in Sac town and we’ll resume taking orders then!


In the meantime, we will regretfully be unable to fulfill any new requests.



Make Your Own Letterpress Base

As we have been starting up our letterpress shop, we’ve found that there can be many unforeseen costs. From a few special cleaning solutions here to some missing antique parts for the machine, getting up and running can end up costing you an arm and a leg. As a DIY loving couple, we tried to utilize local resources and our own craftiness wherever possible in getting our side business off of the ground. One of the largest costs in getting a press ready for printing in this century is getting what’s called a base. The letterpress base allows the modern design/printmaker to adhere photopolymer printing palates to. These printing plates are created based on digital design files and allow for an easy transfer of modern graphic design work into the letterpress medium.

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Moving our Letterpress Machine

We recently found out that moving our letterpress machine is quite the undertaking. We were fortunate enough to find our first press, lovingly named Big Boy, in Huntington Beach, CA. It’s fairly rare to find a letterpress machine in California, so we jumped at the opportunity to purchase. A few days later we were coordinating the big move South with the fine folks at QP Equipment. It arrived on a Saturday evening, and we hoped the process would be quick so that we wouldn’t be disturbing an event going on in our shared space. This ended up not being the case, however, and we would like to thank all of the fine people at 3rdSpace for their patience with our loud noise during their event.

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Introducing LadyBird Letterpress

Hello there. We are LadyBird Letterpress. We hope that this website will grow over time and become our little corner of the web to share our work with the world at large. As you may already be aware, we are a startup letterpress design and print shop in sunny San Diego, California.

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