Bitcoin Gift Tags

Bitcoin. You can’t turn on the news these day without hearing it mentioned. Ever since learning about and becoming a player in the world of Bitcoin, we of LadyBird Letterpress have been excited with the idea of pressing the Bitcoin logo. This project came into being as a collaboration with Canton Becker of Canton was looking for a new piece to offer as a giveaway with his holiday Bitcoin paper wallet stickers. The design was custom created by LadyBird and printed locally in San Diego, CA.

We were able to initiate, design and print this piece all within a four day period. Our client had the thick, textured paper in hand in under two weeks, an accomplishment that we are very proud of!


This project was limited to a run of 200 gift tags. They were given away as a special holiday season promotional item for We printed the gift tags 6-up on sheets of 8.5″x11″, ultra-thick 220lb. Lettra letterpress paper. The custom design incorporates the unofficial bitcoin logo into a holiday snowflake scene. We hand mixed the rustic orange ink color to match that of the unofficial bitcoin logo. The impression is deeper than usual, creating a really neat tactile feel to the gift tags!

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