Bicycle Cards for the Dean Family

This baby announcement design for Cooper James Dean represents all things boy-themed & fun in life. Little Cooper’s room was bicycle themed, and mother Adrian wanted to bring this motif further to life in her baby announcements. The fun lines of the bicycle illustration bring this baby announcement to life! This baby announcement combines the new media of a photograph with the age old craft of letterpress. It’s a delicate balance of crafts that comes together to create a memorable and beautiful card.


This baby announcement card was letterpress printed on thick, #110 lb. Lettra paper. This paper has fibrous cotton that gave the cards a lovely tactile quality. You can feel the deep impression created by our letterpress machine that gives this baby announcement an extra handmade feel. We had a blast designing & printing these letterpress cards and couldn’t be happier with the results! This design is now available for purchase as a template for your own little one’s first days! Or, contact us for a totally custom birth announcement reflecting your personality and style.

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