Our 2013 Holiday Cards

These holiday cards represent the love of a newly married couple: ourselves! We designed this personal piece to celebrate and spread our love and marriage with friends & family. Our holiday cards feature falling snow in the form of the playful typography of asterisks falling like snowflakes. The blue colored ink was hand-mixed in studio & meant to convey a certain warmth that is sometimes absent in colder winter palettes. San Diego winters never quite cool down like the rest of the states, so we decided to represent this with our colors. The bright red envelopes add a fun dash of color to this joyful holiday card. We were so happy with the outcome!

Holiday cards letterpress

The tree designs include a halftone pattern overlay that really enriches this piece in person. You can feel the de-boss created by our letterpress machine on the surface of the cards. These were printed on #110 lb. Lettra paper with a Chandler & Price letterpress machine in San Diego, California. This was a shorter production run of about 100 holiday cards total. We hand-mixed the warm blue ink color using rubber-based inks. This design is available for purchase in any color you can dream up! We’re also happy to create something special for you, just give us a shout on our contact page.

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